How to Create a Great Business Flyer Part 2 - Briefing Your Designer

In part two in our series on making a business flyer, we’ll be looking at preparing a written brief for your designer. A brief serves as a set of instructions to your designer, but it’s also the basis of an agreement to which you and the designer should hold each other.

At the risk of stating the obvious, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a designer’s brief needs to be brief, as in short. The more detailed your instructions about what you want the better.

Free Shopping Strip Distribution with Local Deliveries – Offer Ends 30/04/2015

If you’d like your flyers to reach local businesses as well as homes, this month’s special is for you.

Distributing flyers to shops and other local businesses requires a different approach to residential letterbox drops.

Through experience we’ve found that the only effective way to reach businesses with flyers is to send a member of our team to the premises during business hours and hand the flyer to the management or staff with a brief, friendly introduction.