Hi Julie and the team!

Just a quick email to say what a great response we’re having on this week’s leaflet drop! Our phones are ringing and business is coming in and its only Tuesday!!

Chantel Woods

Myhome Cleaning, Cheltenham

We have used Bayside Letterbox Delivery for over 2 years now because they continue to give us amazing return on investment.

We always get amazing customer service from Julie and her team, they are always quick to answer questions and attentive to the individual needs of our booking.

Their walkers deliver only a few flyers at a time, so our material stands out and is picked up at a higher rate, our flyers are never delivered hidden in a local newspaper or an overwhelming pile of retail catalogues.

The proof is in the numbers for us, we use Bayside Letterbox Delivery’s services to invite the public to our seminars and our attendee surveys report up to 80% of our delegates hear about our seminars through this marketing medium.

Jasmine Gribble

Marketing Coordinator, ZJL Partners

Having just started a restaurant in Albert Park. I was looking for a letter box delivery service company to help with uplift sales.

Having found Bayside Letterbox distribution on line i decided to give them a go. I was astounded by the level of professionalism and knowledge of the area. They were very helpful with all my requests and even suggested a printer for my printing needs. I highly recommended Bayside letter box distribution for all your distribution needs!

John Osky

Owner-operator, Vieni Qua

Bayside Letterbox has been distributing Bayside City Council's resident newsletter to 39,000 local households and businesses every second month for the past three years.

The customer service provided by Julie and her team of walkers has been excellent and if we have ever sought a special service due to unforeseen circumstances, it has always been delivered ..... with a smile.

Sue Braddy

Communications Officer, Bayside City Council

Dear Julie,

I am writing to thank Bayside Letterbox Deliveries for your excellent service. Your team delivered leaflets in the Chadstone area promoting our Helping Hand Day where our church gave out free food toys and clothes to over 500 in need families. It was a great success and many came back for the carols service.

We appreciated the discount to make this worthy cause possible.

Thanks again,

Phil Shand

0425 722 868

Thanks Julie,

I appreciate your encouragement & professionalism in the way you run your business.


Colleen Reilly

Purple Heart Psychology

Needless to say, I am gob smacked by Julie's level of service.


Michael Petit

Manager, Communications
City of Kingston

Dear Julie,

Since we started using your letter drop service on a regular basis, our business turnover has tripled over the last two years. I wanted to let you know your service has effected our business in a very positive way, and I would like to thank you.

Tashia Searle

Business Development Manager
Pro Excelbuild

I had to get serious about business. It was imperitave that I had to increase the awareness to the public that Michael Christian P/L was the place to shop. After many failed and costly attemps at local and varied newspaper advertisements nothing seemed to work! Every newspaper salesman told me that you don't get noticed in a paper until you have been with them for six months or more and then the frequency of advertising starts to work. It doesnt work! I found that out the hard way.

I needed fast results and I got those results instantly with Bayside Letterbox Deliveries. My first advertisement with Julie Ahern returned instant results from day one. My business has consistantly grown at 35% every year and this is all due to Bayside Letterbox Deliveries. I now constantly deliver 30,000 flyers every 20 days, because this is what keeps me in business.

As I would like your business to grow too, please feel free to contact me anytime and I will tell you how Bayside Letterbox Deliveries will work for you.

Michael Christian

Michael Chrsitian Menswear Pty Ltd

Dear Julie

Many thanks for the efficient, cost effective and timely way that you conducted our letterbox drop. As a result of your attention to detail and local knowledge we gained many new customers and experienced a substantial increase in our sales.

We have tried other, larger companies but have found that your personal approach has worked really well for us. I would have no hesitation in promoting you to any other business thinking of using Bayside Letterbox.
Many Thanks,
Kind Regards

Peter Doyle

Director Pets Paradise

To Whom it may Concern

Having been operating my business for the last sixteen years, with leaflet distribution as my best way of increasing my customer base, have used numerous distributors, from multinational to private operators.

I will be continuing to utilise the services of Bayside Letterbox Distribution as I have done over the last four years as the response rate is way above expectations, due mainly to the work ethic Julie expects from her walkers and the friendly manner in which she conducts her business.

Stephen Knight

Melbourne Bin Services

Dear Julie,

I am writing in regard to our pamphlet distribution. I would like to say that we are very happy with the professional service given to us in distributing our business leaflets to various areas. This has been done quickly and efficiently to our satisfaction and we are already getting many responses back, which has been very good for business.

Thanks for your polite and quick service. We well continue to use this service for our business.

Richard Cook

The Label Machine

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your prompt distribution of our A5 flyers to advertise our new business. This is the first time we have delivered anything to households and your advice was invaluable. You helped us every step of the way and your audit service is a great way to keep track of what is and isn't being delivered.

So when we were going to organise the second flyer drop and couldn't remember where we had delivered last time there you were again with all the details of exactly where they were delivered. It sure made it much easier second time around.
Yours faithfully

Kerrie Ward & Peter Prentice

Black Dog Enterprises

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